Divya Khosla Kumar: The feeling after a good workout session is simply amazing

Actress turned director Divya Khosla Kumar talks on how she remains fit

By As told to Purnima Goswami Sharma

Fitness –
“Fitness, I believe is a way of life. It’s not just about having a toned body, but a strong one both physically and mentally. I love exercising. The feeling after a good workout session is simply amazing. Hence, I make sure I exercise at least 5 times a week, in the form of yoga or cardio. 
Diet – I am a vegetarian and love all vegetables including bottle and ridge gourd! I don’t believe in placing restrictions on my diet, and hence eat whatever I feel like. Dieting puts lots of pressures on one’s mind, which effects are concentration. Therefore, I enjoy my food, and in case I overeat I make up for it by exercising a bit extra. 

My breakfast is a cup of tea with toast. Later on I have some sprouts or a sandwich and a glass of carrot juice. Lunch is roti or rice with dal, vegetables and curd along with a salad. In the evening, I have fruits and nuts. For dinner I have grilled veggies, pasta or roti with dal and vegetables.
The best way to relax is by talking to your loved ones, going for a walk or reading a good book. No doubt we all go through stressful situations but a positive attitude helps one overcome them. I am a positive person and this helps me in dealing with stress as I always think optimistically.
Spirituality to me means being connected to God through one’s inner self. I read a lot of religious books and pray everyday for the health and happiness of my family. The keywords for me are faith and patience. I believe one must have undying faith and patience in the almighty. His ways are truly great! I pray and light a diya in my temple at home everyday along with a morning and evening aarti.

I believe that life is an incredibly beautiful journey and we should liven every second of it.”

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