Rejuvenating herbs to make you young

There are some herbs that can reverse the ageing process and make you healthy and energetic

By Acharya V Vasudevan, ayurveda expert

Vegetables are food for the healthy and herbs are for the sick – this is a concept that Ayurveda extols. Our planet is endowed with rich herbal resources that can make us healthy and happy. This medicinal treasure can remove deficiencies in our body that result from deteriorating or ill health.

Kayakalpa treatment
Ancient Ayurveda exponents discovered a rejuvenation technique called Kayakalpa or Rasayana treatment for a person who had lost charm, energy and vitality due to sickness or ageing. Rasayana nourishes the mind and intellect. Ayurveda believes that nature has abundant resources to compensate for what the human system lacks at every stage of life.

The full course of Kayakalpa is laborious and tough to practice, as it requires special herbs and medication, and strict adherence to rigid rules. A simpler version is more practical and can be used for normal people who have sound mental and physical health. This branch of treatment is often misinterpreted as Geriatrics or old-age care, but it is a process of rejuvenation -- a technique for reversing age. Reversing is not a myth, but is a reality.

Somalata: a wonderful herb
Somalata, the king of herbs is an excellent rasayana. It is a rare plant species and has many varieties and is found in the Himalayan ranges and Western Ghats in Kerala. The plant has only 15 leaves; all leaves can be seen on a full moon day. From the next day onwards, the leaves start falling, one leaf each day, until the new moon, when the plant is shorn of all leaves. The cycle then starts again, with one leaf appearing on the plant each day. Its juice -- somarasa -- is extracted with a gold needle and is used in rituals like Somayajnya and Rasayana treatment. 

Narayanji Maharaj, a yogi in my guru’s lineage spent several decades living in Himalayan caves eating only special herbs, and without consuming food; he remained healthy till he passed away at 105 years.

Amalaka is another rasayana that’s excellent in restoring health and youth. Similarly, there exist several herbs that can treat diseases of various kinds including urological, liver, neurological and eye problems. They can also enhance intelligence, improve hair growth and even strengthen teeth.

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