FICCI Annual Wellness Conference 2012

In a recent annual wellness conference organised by FICCI in association with PwC, saw the release of a white paper on the industry. The white paper, "Winds of change......

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Annual FICCI wellness conference is here

The fourth annual FICCI Wellness Conference, 2012 will be held on August 24 and talk about the billion dollar wellness industry from a consumer perspective...

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The new light 3D laparoscopy without robotics

From being safer to more cost effective, read on to know about 3D laparoscopy – a new technique for uterus associated surgeries...

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First aid tips for cuts and grazes

As long as a cut is superficial and isn’t infected (this is a risk with cuts from fingernails, plants or animals), it shouldn’t require treatment...

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Changing your routine can help fight fat: Docs

Lifestyle diseases can be managed with minor modifications to one’s routine, point out doctors and fitness experts...

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Obesity weighs heavily on other ailments

Being obese is not an isolated problem. Most non-communicable diseases can be related to a high body mass index ...

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World’s getting fitter, city fatter

The medical fraternity along with the Indian Council for Medical Research has redrawn the guidelines for diagnosing an Indian as overweight and obese. Read on to know more...

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This summer's biggest diets

They're the hottest diets around, but do they really work? Five readers tested them for a week...

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