What is energy healing and EFT?

An overview on energy healing and the emotional freedom technique or EFT and how it can help people rid themselves of emotional blocks...

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Be happy with a clean aura

Spend time outdoors, take a warm bath with sea salt and think positively to have a healthy and pure aura ...

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Rejuvenate yourself with a cold bath

A cold, half-body bath beats the heat and provides relief from ailments and strengthens bones ...

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The healing forecast (June, 2012)

Using the ancient spiritual techniques and tools (Prayers, Runes, Crystals…) this column intends to bring you general guidance to support you on your healing journey...

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You can do without your cup of caffeine

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, but taken in excess can make you anxious, agitated and irritated...

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Breathe the right way

Breathing in the right way is important for a healthier and longer life ...

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Home remedies for back pain

We give you practical suggestions on how to cure your back pain – with massage, hot water packs, state of mind and food...

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Reiki can beat corporate stress

Reiki can be the tool to combat stress and lead a healthy, happy and balanced life ...

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Feng Shui for Mother’s Day

Feng Shui tips to enhance your mother’s wellbeing...

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Be painfree with acupuncture

The ancient healing technique of acupuncture is useful in healing sports injuries...

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